Property Owners
Use the equity in your property and
settle your debt.
Credit Clear, Arrears,
under Debt Review,
Judgements listed?
We can assist you.

About Us

DEBT2BOND is a Finance and Bond Originator that offers an online service in finding DEBT RELIEF finance solutions for PERMANENTLY EMPLOYED PROPERTY OWNERS. 

We understand your need in finding the correct options available and ease the process by submitting your application to various NCR Accredited Credit Providers. 

With over 20 years financial experience – we are able to motivate your application to determine a favourable outcome. We do not charge any UP-FRONT FEES.

How It Works

Whether you have a CREDIT CLEAR profile, currently UNDER DEBT REVIEW, IN ARREARS with your accounts (except your bond), have JUDGEMENTS, a LOW CREDIT SCORE or UNABLE TO OBTAIN AN ADDITIONAL BOND – we can assist you. If you have paid off a substantial amount on your bond, have a bond-free property or the value of the property has increased – your property now has equity. This equity can be used to settle your debt. (The equity is the difference between your bond balance and property value).
The product is a loan/bond that is secured by the equity of your property for the purpose of settling your debt.


We focus on finance solutions that will help you SETTLE your short-term debt and in need RESTORE your credit profile. By settling your debt, you will have a single monthly payment – being your bond.

We will obtain a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTATION for you which will reflect your potential monthly savings.

With all the money you save every month on the debt that had been settled, you could pay it back into your bond and repay your bond over a shorter period of time.